Pre-Planning Benefits

What Steps Are Involved?

One of the advantages of choosing Ivey Funeral Home is that we can accommodate any part or all of your personal pre-planning needs. As a combination cemetery and funeral home, we are positioned to address either your funeral or cemetery plans or both. We will meet with you and assist you in determining your funeral and (or) cemetery preferences. We will explain your options and guide you in establishing your own plans. We will record vital information and guide you in gathering documents that will be needed by your family at the time of need. Next, you can select cemetery space, mausoleum, cremation niches, marker or monument, a casket, burial vault, and other merchandise associated with the services. Finally, you may pay for the services and merchandise ahead of time through one of our generous funding programs.

What Will the Pre-Arranged Funeral Service Cost?

The cost is a matter of your choice. We at Ivey Funeral Home pride ourselves in having every imaginable option from the finest family estates to the most modest of arrangements, or from creative customized life celebrations to understated but dignified funerals or cremation services. Whatever your choices, you will find enormous value in our packages. All of your selections and options are featured in our itemized pricing guide. This guide provides factual information concerning each item and its price. In any event, you can be sure that our pricing is quite competitive.

Who Qualifies?

Virtually everyone. We believe strongly in the concept of saving loved ones from unnecessary emotional stress, painful decisions and financial burdens. Therefore, for those who share this philosophy we provide very liberal financing. We have never refused anyone financing. We do not even run credit checks. If someone wants to fulfill their responsibility to their families, we will provide an avenue for them to do so. We have programs that will be comfortable for virtually everyone.

Pre-Planning Advantages

Every life is worth celebrating and every life has touched numerous others. The last chance any person has to make a statement to the people they love the most is through their own funeral services and how they prepared for them. The service can be as simple or as elaborate as one wishes. The important thing is that it reflects your personal values and removes the burden from those you love the most. Perhaps the greatest message a preplanned arrangement can make is simply removing the uncertainty from the minds of the survivors. If you did it yourself, then the plan was perfect and no one has to wonder if they did the right thing.

Of course there are other practical benefits as well.

  • It freezes costs at today’s prices and provides for significant savings.
  • It protects your assets including life insurance so they can be used as they were intended, to assist those you love with the resources needed to carry on without you.
  • Preplanning also reduces costs because it protects loved ones from engaging in emotional overspending.
  • Preplanning allows people to ask intelligent probing questions that lead to smarter decisions.

Preplanning gives the customer the opportunity to share thoughts and decisions with children or other family members and to get input and opinions which are often unavailable during the rushed and hectic hours immediately following a death.

How Can I Start Pre-Planning?

It is as easy as a phone call or email to Ivey Funeral Home. One of our staff members will meet with you at a time that is convenient, and assist you in recording your wishes. You choose everything you want for your arrangements: the type of cemetery options, funeral service, casket, burial vault, music, and flowers, etc., and then all of the important information will be recorded. Once your selections are complete, we will tailor a method of payment that will meet your specific needs.

You can even get started online from the comfort of your home. Just click here.