Military Veterans’ Funeral & Memorial Services

The Veterans Garden and Circle of Honor, Rose Hill’s military veterans section, was dedicated to our service men and women. To honor the many veterans of Hamilton, OH, Butler County and the surrounding area, veterans sections provide a beautiful, personalized, and memorable resting place for those that have served, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending this country and the freedoms that we enjoy today. Our military veterans’ funeral and memorial services provide a respectful and peaceful ceremony celebrating the heroic lives of those who have defended our country with fearless bravery. Rose Hill Burial Park and Ivey Funeral Home invites you to visit the Veterans Garden and pay tribute to the veterans and their families who have made incredible sacrifices.

Military Entitlements at Rose Hill Burial Park and Ivey Funeral Home

We are honored to serve those who have chosen to defend our freedom and our country. All Active duty, Reserve and Retired military veterans and their families may be entitled to a complimentary burial space and discounts on funeral arrangements. These discounts apply to any preplanning purchases and to any active duty military family who suffers a loss while deployed or serving in our armed forces.

To be qualified, the veteran or veteran’s family must provide proof of other than dishonorable discharge. Our Veterans Burial Certificate provides one Complimentary Veteran’s Burial Space when preplanning at no charge other than a onetime Perpetual Care Fee required by Ohio State Law. The space is provided in accordance with the following:

  1. Space location will be determined by the cemetery management.
  2. The veteran space can only be used by the veteran.

If a member of our Armed Forces is killed in action, all cemetery and funeral goods and services for the Veteran will be complimentary. We have the deepest respect for those who make the ultimate sacrifice serving our country and offer the warmest compassion for their family.

If you are a veteran residing in Hamilton or Butler County, OH and would like to learn more about our preplanning burial options, please call (513) 895-3278 and request to speak with a family service representative. You may also review your military entitlements at Ivey Funeral Home by going to Military Entitlements or emailing us for additional information at

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