Rose Hill Burial Park & Ivey Funeral Home

During the process of saying goodbye to a loved one, it helps to have the support of those around you. At Rose Hill Burial Park and Ivey Funeral Home, we are here to offer the guidance, support, and services that will help your family during this time. Our staff provides the compassionate care and personalized services that will best meet your needs for mortuary services in Hamilton, OH. We are proud to help you with all your funeral arrangement needs, and with creating a service that you will remember forever.

Creating a unique funeral service order

Creating a funeral service order takes care and planning, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Every detail can be tailored to match the last wishes of your loved one, and to best meet the needs of your family. Whether you choose to have a cremation ceremony, a traditional burial site, memorial service, or you opt for a mausoleum space, our staff will make sure every detail is personalized to fit your preferences.

If you are considering a local funeral home service, we can come to your location to ensure your family has the privacy they need. We are also proud to offer a single burial park and cemetery location that provides the perfect solution for your family.

Contact Us

For assistance with arranging mortuary services for your departed loved one, contact us today by calling (513) 894-1718. We hope to best serve the needs of you and your family in Hamilton, OH.