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The Ripple Effect

Early Stages of Grief: The First Seven Days

Making prearrangements – why does it feel strange?

What To Ask For When You’re Grieving

Helping Yourself Heal

Emotional aspects of cremation

Family differences on cremations vs. burials

At The Death: When no prearrangment for funeral has been made.

Ask the Experts

Returning To Work: Part II

I am worried about returning to work after my father’s death!

My boyfriend’s father died of brain cancer!

Is my Dad in a safe place even if he didn’t go to church and drank a lot?

I’m less patient! What’s wrong with me?

I Still Can’t Get Myself Going

I Felt A Physical Indescribable Pain

What should I do when I lose my girlfriend?

How To Comfort My Best Friend

A Grandmother’s Death and a Four Year Old

Grief Stories

Where do we find the strength?

What a Life

Unjust Death

Sudden Loss: A Trip Through Hell And Out Again

My Sign from Beyond

My Father, My Mother, My Brother

Missing You

Missing him terribly..

Lost and Found my Dad……..only to lose him again…….

Losing my best friend