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Funeral Services at The Ivey Funeral Home

Funeral Services at Ivey

Funerals allow us come together and reflect on the life of a loved one. Funerals exist for the families and friends, survivors who are adapting to the loss of a loved one. It is a special time for family and friends to gather and share memories.

At Ivey Funeral Home, we understand that every family is different. As experts in creating personalized funerals and unique tributes, Ivey Funeral Home offers a wide variety of funeral options and special touches to create a truly meaningful experience. From fall-themed services for the grandmother who loved fall to the Buckeye-themed service for the ultimate fan, we create a memorable and healing ceremony to reflect the special life of your loved one.

Certified Celebrants

For those wanting a unique celebration at the funeral, our Certified Celebrants can conduct a service incorporating the irreplaceable life story of your loved one. Led by our Certified Celebrants, the story of your loved one is told through stories and experiences of family and friends. The services are a celebration of life and are a priceless opportunity to share the passions and character of your loved one.