Funeral Planning: How Do I Get Started?

Leaving solutions behind for the people you love is far more compassionate than leaving the overwhelming problems associated with a death. The first steps to effective preplanning are gathering your thoughts and then designing a plan which reflects them. Your planning should address three areas of concern. One is the practical issues survivors will face in those first few days after a death like “where is the will located” or “what insurance policies are in force”? The second concern is the funeral issues like “should your wedding ring be left on or removed”, “should we choose cremation or burial” or “what cemetery or funeral home should be contacted”? The last area of concern addresses the emotional comfort issues that will help bind the family together rather than tear them apart. Combined, there are literally hundreds of questions that need to be answered. Most of these questions will be easy for you but very difficult for those you love the most… particularly when they are saddled with heavy hearts, time restraints and financial uncertainty.

There are many questions that will arise when your family meets with your funeral director. Some will be relatively simple to answer. Others will be quite difficult. Your family will also need some documents to finalize your arrangements. Some of those documents might be easy to find while others will be almost impossible without your guidance.

Pre-Planning Guide Effective planning takes some time and requires some guidance. To assist families with addressing all of these issues and more, Ivey Funeral Home has developed our FREE “Personal Planning Guide”. If a person will take the time to complete this easy to follow “fill in the blank” book, those left behind will be armed with the necessary details and documents needed to complete a funeral arrangement that reflects your values and provides your loved ones with some peace of mind. As a matter of fact, if you give your completed “Personal Planning Guide” to your funeral director, everything can be conducted in accordance with your wishes with far fewer challenges for your loved ones.

The Ivey “Personal Planning Guide” will be valuable to you no matter which funeral home or cemetery you choose. Of course, it is our hope that someday when you are interested in completing your arrangements, you might think of us.

Just fill out this form and a FREE Personal Planning Guide will be delivered to you as soon as possible. You will find that between our FREE “Personal Planning Guide” and some direction from our trained professionals, making life better for your family and leaving behind warm memories is easier than you might think.